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Java Tutorial Beginner to Advance and Professional Level

This series of Java tutorial is designed in a manner so that it is easy to learn by beginner and topics covered in depth to enhance the knowledge of professionals. This tutorial series will help you learn Java core and will make you professional developer. Java is Programming Language which is secured and used for enterprise, desktop and mobile application development.

What is Java, Why it became so popular ?

Java is platform-independent multithreaded and secured programming language. It was developed by Sun Microsystem in 1995 and James Gosling is called father of Java. It became popular because of it's rich features which were not available in any language of that time. Following is the list of Java features.

  1. Object Oriented
  2. Platform Independent
  3. Concurrent
  4. Secure

What is Object Oriented Programming?

Java is based on class and object. Everything in Java is some how an object which denotes real world entity features.

What is Platform independent ?

A platform is any software or hardware environment in which a program can be run. Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile are different platforms. Java Platform independent means program written in Java is compatible and available to be run on any platform.

What is multithreaded or concurrent ?

Java is multithreaded and concurrent language means we can execute or perform multiple jobs at the same time. It maximize use of available resources.

How Java is secure programming language ?

Java allows encryption and authentication using complex algorithms which make Java difficult to be attacked by hacker. Java programs can be downloaded from across the network and the downloaded programs should not cause any harm to user's computer

Above are some core attributes of Java which make Java really solid and very reliable and a complete programming language. It is currently one of the most widely used programming languages.

Java was invented in the mid nineties and most programmers during early nineties were using C and C++. So

  1. Familiar Syntax : Java was invented in the mid nineties and most programmers during early nineties were using C and C++ so Java syntax was also kept similar to see and C++ simplicity was one of the most important goals for java designers. 
  2. Simple and Safe : In comparison to C and C++ Java designers wanted Java to be easy to use for this reason Java has many features which makes C and C++ complex confusing and unsafe.  One example is related to memory management in C and C++ programmers directly manipulate memory to free up space. And if this is not done properly it can result in programs getting crushed. In contrast Java is simple and safer as it provides automatic memory management using a feature called garbage collection and this release programmers from directly manipulating memory which in turn makes programming task easier. 

Predefined code and rich library

We looked at some of the key principles of Java. However there are a few other nice things that Java has to offer. One of them is that Java comes with a rich library which includes extensive pre-define functionality and this library is the Java API where API  stands for application programming interface. This helps developer to focus on writing new logic without having to reinvent the wheel. That is to simply make use of predefined functionality which is written by experts and is already being used by millions.

Java is free

Java is free and that's great for everyone including startups and even individual programmers. It would help them launch their own products without having to invest a lot in the software

Java Evolution

Java was initially developed to run inside embedded systems and later within browsers in the form of programs called applets. However it soon evolved as a popular language for developing large scale applications standalone desktop applications and mobile applications. Most of the large companies like Google, Netflix, Amazon, Ebay use Java. Most of the Gmail is written in Java. There are millions of jobs world wide requiring solid understanding of Java and this website is all about.

This is how java program looks like


public class MyClass {
    public static void main(String[] arg) {
        System.out.println("Hello developer");